conferences, workshops, panels

Core group members of Renewed Philology are involved in planning and participating in a number of ongoing conferences, workshops, panels, and other types of collaborative activities.


Some past events:

Left: image of Laura Quick, “Through a Glass, Darkly: Mirrors and the Self,” The Society for Old Testament Study Summer Meeting, University of Oxford, UK. July 2019.

Image of Laura Quick, foreshadowing her forthcoming OUP book on clothing and the self: “Nehemiah’s Shaken Sash (Neh. 5:13): Clothing and Curses in Literature of the Second Temple Period,” Ezra’s Legacy and the Dead Sea Scrolls. University of Birmingham, UK. December 2019.

Book review panel at Yale University, March 29, 2019: Beyond Orality: Biblical Poetry in the Humanities, featuring Laura Quick, Jacqueline Vayntrub, Joel Baden (Yale), Yii-Jan Lin (Yale), and Christophe Schuwey (Yale)

Panels at the Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, November 2019, San Diego, CA

Philology in Hebrew Studies

  • Theorizing Lament, organized by Jacqueline Vayntrub and chaired by David Lambert. Featuring Ed Greenstein (Bar Ilan), Paul Joyce (Kings College London), Cathleen Chopra McGowan (University of Chicago), and Sonja Noll (Oxford)
  • The Theory and Practice of Philology in Biblical Studies, a joint panel of Philology in Hebrew Studies and Metacriticism, organized by Jacqueline Vayntrub and Edward Silver (Wellesley). Featuring Mark Smith (Princeton Theological Seminary), Molly Zahn (University of Kansas), Yii-Jan Lin (Yale), and Dorothea Erbele-Küster (Mainz).
  • Book Review panel of Ronald Hendel and Jan Joosten, How Old is the Hebrew Bible (Yale University Press, 2018). Organized by Jacqueline Vayntrub, chaired by David Lambert, featuring Laura Quick, Na’ama Pat-El (UT Austin), Noam Mizrahi (Tel Aviv), and Konrad Schmid (Zurich).
  • Lexicography and Material Culture, a joint panel of Philology in Hebrew Studies, Hebrew Bible, History, and Archaeology, and Biblical Lexicography. Organized by Jacqueline Vayntrub and James K. Aitken (Cambridge)

Book History and Biblical Literatures

  • Book Review panel of Jacqueline Vayntrub, Beyond Orality: Biblical Poetry on its Own Terms (Routledge, 2019). Organized by Eva Mroczek. Featuring Hindy Najman (Oxford), Ed Greenstein (Bar Ilan), Elaine James (Princeton Theological Seminary), Michael Legaspi (Penn State), and Jonathan Ready (Indiana University)
  • Book Review Panel of Brent Nongbri, God’s Library: The Archaeology of the Earliest Christian Manuscripts (Yale University Pres, 2018). Joint panel with the Papyrology program unit.
  • Biographies of Ancient Books, Real and Imagined.